About Us

RIC Engineering Company was founded in 1994 and was directed by Mr. Mohammad Hadi Rahimi in the field of consultancy, design, supervision and construction installations. With the introduction of new materials into the construction industry and the evolution of project construction and architecture, the need to specialize in the design and implementation of these systems in line with modern architecture has led RIC to take advantage of numerous internal and external training courses. Mechanical and electrical installations, and the use of young and experienced engineers and experienced and trained executives to create high-end luxury projects around the world.
With its operations in Iran and foreign countries such as Oman and Qatar, this organization has managed to create a brilliant Resume.
This projects includes:

  • 7 years of activity in Kish Island
  • Private and public construction of several projects in Kish
  • Current activity in Oman and more recently in Qatar


RIC Company has so far been able to provide consultancy, design, execution, and supply of construction materials in over two hundred building and manufacturing projects with the aid of Almighty God and rely on the technical knowledge of management and engineering workers as well as the experience of executives.

Every new situation requires a new architecture

As a specialist company active in the construction industry, RIC CO Engineering Group has a vision for its activities in the construction of specific residential, office and commercial projects. The organization aims to build, manage and execute construction projects by focusing on advanced technical knowledge, leadership and the use of up-to-date abilities and standards to plan, supervise and execute construction projects as one of the largest and world-class construction companies in the world. This high quality guarantees our customers trust and expectations.

We Are With You form Idea to Implementation

Mohammad Hadi Rahimi