Interior Decoration

By professional professionals, RIC Architectural Company is able to create beautiful and unique projects to fit the most up-to-date trends of interior design

Interior Decoration

With many years of experience in interior design in Tehran and other countries,
RIC Architectural Company will help you get to know the basics of interior design and implementation. The most important thing in designing and implementing interior decoration is harmony and balance
the balance: Emphasis and focus on the design and implementation of interior decoration
Conflict: Rhythm and repetition of interior decoration
Scale and Ratio: Pay attention to details
Coordination and integration: Use the right color palette.


Construction RIC

Construction, supervision, execution of residential and commercial projects

RIC Architectural Company is committed to creating one of the most seasoned design teams, with a team of experienced executives from zero to 100 executives in the area of building execution and involvement.
For the construction of the villa, as well as the landscaping and construction of indoor and commercial swimming pools, etc. From the initial stages of construction including excavation to the end of the construction stages with or without construction materials, including contracting and contract management, Extra corn Construction Services Offers participation in its construction.

Building Materials

Sales of building materials including ceramic stone and furniture

RIC aggregate group is proud to rely on the knowledge, expertise and experience of its employees, operational and management team, all types of building materials, including all types of stone, ceramics, furniture, wallpapers, thermos, parquet, etc. with price and quality specifications. Delivery to our customers promptly and in time.
RIC Company by providing a collection of applied materials in interior decoration and building facades, at competitive prices and with a professional executive team, with the supervision of trained engineers specializing in the materials offered, is always there for architectural engineers, decorators and Dear costumers.